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Panasonic Telephone system

About Panasonic Telephone system

We supply and install Panasonic Telephone systems for the small to medium sized companies. This ensures that our customers can have Internal Communication (Intercoms) to enhance communication. Our telecommunication system also is compatible with outside calls to external parties.

As Sanctity technology, we provide our clients with telephone systems that best suits their needs for internal and external communications. A PBX (private branch exchange) system is the hardware that controls the phone lines and extensions of a company. The PBX system exchanges calls between the internal phone extensions within your office as well as manages the inbound and outbound calls. The PBX routes incoming calls to the relevant extension and creates access to the shared outside telephone lines for outbound calls.

Using a PBX enables the company to have one main number with extensions for each employee. This means the employees are sharing the phone lines instead of each employee having a dedicated phone line, which saves on monthly phone bills. This is one of the original and largest benefits of a PBX system. The other benefits come from the variety of features that are available with a PBX system

A PBX phone system is traditionally used by medium to large sized businesses and corporations to reduce phone costs and increase call management. Regardless of business size, a PBX also gives a professional sound to callers. Additionally, a PBX system gives businesses more robust call features than a standard telephone service would, such as:

  • A virtual receptionist with customized greetings
  • The ability to transfer calls between extensions/employees
  • Automatic call forwarding when extensions are busy
  • A dial-by-extension directory for incoming callers
  • Ring groups for departments
  • Call recording
  • Call logs, Music on hold, Call waiting, Conference calling
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