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Biometric time attendance system

About Biometric time attendance system

Time and attendance system is a type of business application designed to track and optimize the hours that employees spend working. This system is available for businesses of all sizes. This system eliminates the need for supervisors keeping a manual paper trail of their employees’ time and attendance which comes with disadvantages such as workers punching for their workmates which has costed millions in financial losses each year. This manual system is inaccurate, unreliable and insecure whereas Biometric time attendance systems are very user friendly therefore easy to use, very fast and efficient.

We offer an open ended and customizable Time and Attendance system that will allow you easy and efficient control of attendance and punctuality of all employees in your company. Our solution seamlessly integrates with our HR and Payroll management systems and could be used by Management to generate a wide range of reports such as:

  • Work Hour Calculation – covers elements such as daily working schedule configuration and overtime calculations
  • Holiday and Leave Management – Provides members of staff and management with a systematic approach to leave planning and management.
  • Shift Management – used for daily and weekly scheduling.
  • In/Out board – allows management to have real-time monitoring of time and attendance events.
  • Reporting – enables creation of daily or individual summary reports that can be exported in a variety of common file formats such CSV or PDF.
  • Importance of Biometric Time Attendance:

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    Accurate Work Times.

    Trust the accuracy of which employee is on the clock. Biometric physiological attributes cannot be duplicated or forged. Supervisors and managers feel confident that they are tracking each employee’s time and attendance accurately.

    Prevents Buddy Punching Practices.

    Buddy punching is illegal and has cost many employers millions in financial losses each year. It is easily prevented with biometric time clocks. Because the clock captures each employee’s unique traits, a co-worker cannot clock in or out for another employee by pretending to be that employee.

    Remote Access.

    Biometric fingerprinting also monitors remote workers from the internet via a time attendance software even if they the employees are halfway around the world.

    Improve Employee Job Satisfaction.

    Morale can become damaged when employees give extra time without extra privileges. Supervisors can identify those employees using the accurate attendance information captured and reward them accordingly.

    Raise Company Profits.

    A direct benefit to raising productivity rates is raising profits. Using biometrics for time and attendance allows companies to attain the highest levels of productivity. Companies no longer lose money to poor tracking and practices.

    Assist Law Enforcement

    CCTV recording of the scene of the crime, allow law enforcement agencies to use the footage and release photos and videos of the culprits to the public. A picture or a video record of the suspect can make a huge difference when it comes to making an arrest and getting dangerous criminals off the street.